Simply Efficient Controls

Logica Lighting Controls has a wide range of products that are easy to use and that save energy by turning off lights that are not needed. The full range of the light output is available but it takes effort to produce more light. the default setting is the most energy saving.

The brand name, SwitchGenie™, is used on our products.

The default and normal operation of the SwitchGenie™ Ballast is to always start with only one lamp on in a fixture. Since the eye adjusts rapidly to the amount of light available most users leave the lights at the lowest level.

The existing lighting in America’s buildings consumes about 38% (according to the DOE) of the energy used in the buildings. Lighting fixtures are the only electrical appliances that are not regularly scheduled, programmed, automated or computerized to save energy. We still operate a majority of the lights with wall switches or circuit breakers for ON/OFF control.

Everyone has experienced the use of a 3-way light bulb. That simple concept of multiple light levels from one fixture should prompt the question, “why not do that with all commercial light fixtures?”

The fluorescent lamp has NOT changed much over the last 65 years since they were introduced. They are more efficient and produce almost 100 lumens per watt but the fixtures are basically the same. SwitchGenie is adding a new dimension to the light fixture by giving it a brain. However, we still control all the lamps in a fixture together.

SwitchGenie™ is a step switching product that saves energy in a direct relationship to the amount of light produced by the fixture. 50% of the light is produced by the use of 50% of the electricity. This is very simple. And the fluorescent lamps love it. Switched lamps last longer than dimmed lamps.

I remember my Grandmother saying “Waste Not, Want Not”. That is one of the driving forces behind SwitchGenie™ Why waste energy if you don’t need the light? We all know that the best way to save energy is to “Turn off the lights”.

Please help us educate people that conserving energy is the same as finding new sources for energy. We can free up 20% of our energy by controlling lights. The products to do it are here.

Thank you for your interest in SwitchGenie™ we look forward to brightening your future and dimming your lights.

SwitchGenie™ is dedicated to lighting controls, environmental preservation and energy conservation. Our products are microprocessor based, software driven and adaptable to the changing needs of our customers.

We pledge to continue our efforts toward conservation and innovation in lighting control and we appreciate your interest in our mutual goal.

We offer a turnkey solution for saving money in your business by converting from you existing lighting to the latest and best LED lighting available.  The biggest advantage to dealing with Logica is that that it will not cost you any extra money.  With what you are paying now for electricity to pay for you current lights is enough to buy all new LED lights in less than three years.  You can use your funds, a loan from your bank or our financing it doesn’t matter.  We will show you the exact payback.

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We look forward to working with you.

Background of Jim Loughrey and Logica Lighting Controls. A long history in the lighting business means Logica has seen it and done it. You can put our experience to work for you.