Simply Efficient Controls

Our business is to provide turn-key solutions that allow commercial businesses to save money on their electric bill by converting all the lights in their buildings to LED’s.  This can also eliminate all lighting maintenance for the next 7 to 10 years.

We can provide this service without asking the customer to spend any more money than they are currently spending on their electric bill.  We handle everything.  We can provide the funding source.  We manage the installation and cleanup.  We take care of the recycling of the old lamps.  We do it all.  We are selling a money saving service.

The Department of Energy keeps statistics on power usage and in their latest reports they show that over 90% of the businesses in the US have not converted to LED Lighting.  Only 25% of all buildings have some LED lamps.  We are focusing on small to medium businesses that haven’t upgraded to LEDs. If your buildings are not using LED’s, you are wasting money.

The electricity used to provide lighting does not appear on your electric bill.  All the electricity used in the building is measured and billed to you monthly.  Everything that uses electricity is included in that bill.

One of the services we provide is the calculation of just the energy used to power your light fixtures.  We do this by conducting a thorough lighting fixture survey where we count every light fixture and determine how much electricity it uses.  We then calculate the hours the building is in use.  The result is a detailed accounting of how much money you are spending each month on lighting energy.  This calculation isn’t available anywhere else.

We want to show the customer by looking at their electric bill exactly what lighting costs as a percentage of that bill.  Once they see that 34% to 70% of that bill is for lighting, they will see how much they can save by converting to LED lamps and LED tubes.

We are providing a service that is free to the business. We do this by providing more efficient lighting at a lower cost and using the savings to pay for the upgrade.  In addition to the savings of energy expense, the utility companies are eager to kick back some of the money you’ve paid over the years to get you to reduce your total electrical load on their power generating plants.  These rebates are required by law so don’t think the utility companies have gone soft and are giving away money needlessly.  They must spend 2% of their income to lower energy usage.  You benefit from this law by converting to energy saving LED lamps.

LED’s lamps are the most efficient light source ever created.  In the last 3 years the amount of light from an LED has improved 300%.   LED lamps are so much more efficient than other light sources that they are taking over the lighting business.

The old incandescent lamps produce 12 lumens per watt.  Fluorescent lamps produce 100 lumens per watt at best.  Metal Halide lamps were the most efficient at 130 lumens per watt but quickly decreased to 70 lumens per watt.

LED products in full production can now produce up to 210 lumens per watt.  They can produce any color temperature so you can have the look you want.  There is no flicker. There is NO MERCURY.  They are not hazardous waste when they are discarded.  The life of an LED is almost infinite in producing light, but they are typically rated at 50,000 hours of life.  That is when they drop down to emitting 93% of their initial light output.

If you are a business owner with a building from 3,000 square feet to 300,000 square feet, we would like to offer you our service to save you money.  There is NO charge for our services.  We have factory direct sources for the products we need.  Every job is custom. We get you the products you need.

Please give us a call today at 612.385.3568 and let us come to you to show you how much money you can save by converting to LED light.

Background of Jim Loughrey and Logica Lighting Controls. A long history in the lighting business means Logica has seen it and done it. You can put our experience to work for you.