Frequently Asked Questions About Lighting Upgrades

Q. Will XCEL add the payments for the lighting upgrade to my electric bill?

No. they did this years ago, but now CEE is the not profit that handles all the loans for this program.  You will have to make 2 payments if you finance the lighting upgrade. One to XCEL for the new lower energy bill and one to CEE to repay the loan.

Q: What is the warranty on the LED lamps and tubes?

The warranty is from one to five years depending on the lamp. The four-foot tubes have a five-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Q: Why do I have to do all the lighting inside and outside the building at once?

The amount of the rebate is based on the total savings of energy, so the more fixtures the greater the savings.  Remember that the rebate is really the money you’ve paid for energy over the years being returned to you as an incentive to cut your energy use.

Q: How long does it take to get the new lighting once I decide to go ahead with the upgrade?

If you do not finance the upgrade, we can usually schedule the installation within three weeks. The credit approval for financing takes about 3 additional weeks.

Q: Can I get new fixtures instead of just relamping my existing fixtures?

Yes, it is possible to go the new more energy efficient fixtures however the cost will be higher than to just replace lamps.  If the new fixtures will benefit your business and contribute to your profits then yes, we can provide you with the latest and greatest lighting.

Q. How long will the Lighting Survey take?

We can usually do the Lighting Survey in less than two hours unless the size of your building is over 10,000 square feet.  We try to have an electrician accompany our lighting consultant so that we can do the lighting in one walk through, however if the installation of the new lighting is complicated, we might schedule a separate walk through for the electrician.

Q; Why should I buy from you instead of my regular electrician?

We buy direct from the manufacturer.  There is no middleman.  We can use your electrician to do the install if the labor rate is acceptable to us.  Electricians buy from wholesalers’ stock and gets products that might not be the most energy efficient.  Re-lamping with efficient LED tubes and by-passing the ballast is our business.

Q: Why do you by-pass the ballasts when others are offering “ballast compatible” lamps that work with existing ballasts?

In our experience the ballast compatible lamps work with some ballasts but not all ballasts.  Tests have proven that ballast compatible lamps with the ballast in the circuit, the energy used makes the lamps less efficient than the ballast by-pass lamps, so we always go for the maximum savings.  The other reason is that we eliminate all maintenance on the lighting fixtures.  If the ballast is in the circuit and it fails, then it must be removed.  We eliminate the chance for a maintenance call by by-passing the ballast at the time of installation.

Q: Will there be improvements to LED lamps that will make these lamps obsolete?

We expect that LED technology will continue to improve and make LED’s more efficient.  However, the current output of LED’s is so high, and the cost has become so affordable that pay back is excellent. that these LED’s will be viable for the next decade. It is worth switching to LED’s now and saving the money now.

Q: Why should I convert to LED lighting in my business?

The biggest reason is the Money you will save.  The LED’s use less energy.  The life of the LED’s means no maintenance to the lighting fixtures for the next 7 to 10 years. That will save a great deal of money one repairs.

The third reason is the contribution you will be making to the environment.  With less CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases your building will qualify for GREEN Status.  The GREEN habits we adopt are all cumulative and will reduce the harm we do to the planet.