Logica Lighting Controls are designed to be SIMPLE. They are simple in their operation. They are simple in their function. They are simple to install. They are simple to use.

Logica’s focus has always been to design lighting controls that are User Friendly. Not engineer driven products that have bells and whistles just because they could be done.

The fact is that most buildings were built when electricity was “penny cheap”, and there were no computer terminals on every desk. Then the recommended light levels were 100 foot candles of light. That was the norm.

Engineers designed lighting for “worst case” user requirements so that they could never be faulted for not designing in enough light. The problem was that the only control available was to switch lights on or off. If they wanted dimmer controls they had to put in incandescent lighting as well as the more efficient fluorescent lighting.

Logica Lighting Controls mission is:

“Provide lighting controls for linear fluorescent tube fixtures and all other high lumen per watt light sources to achieve different lighting intensities. Logica has patents on the technology that is based on using a microprocessor in a lighting fixture for the purpose of controlling the light levels.”

Logica has a fully developed lighting control system that is very simple and starts from the premise that people are already controlling lights in the building. They turn light switches on and off. They are used to controlling the lights in this manner. But they would like a greater degree of control. By control, they mean selecting different light levels. They shouldn’t be asked to change the way that they currently control lights to get that ability.

Logica Lighting Controls has developed a system of workplace lighting control that leaves the light switch where it is and simply adds the dimension of light level control, much like a three way light bulb in your living room. For example when a wall switch is turned on with a Logica ballast in a T8 fixture, one lamp will turn on. A vast majority of the time, one lamp in each fixture will provide enough light for normal activity.

If more light is needed users can toggle the switch off and back on within two seconds and the second light will come on in every fixture. This can be done for the third and fourth lamps in the fixture.

The ability to have multilevel lighting using only existing wiring and wall switches highlights Logica’s level of sophistication, not currently available with other lighting controls.

Our systems does not need or use a central dimmer rack, control rack, relays or switches to control our Ballasts. We do it by digital commands. Our system is a Local Area Network (LAN). By adding a microprocessor to the ballast we have an extremely reliable digital signal being sent by the user of the space (turning off and on sends a digital signal). We have a positive response from the ballast that is very predictable.

The microprocessor we use in the ballast is more powerful than the original Apple II computer. The microprocessor in the ballast gives us the ability to speak directly to the fixture from any computer control, including handheld RF wireless controls, pushbutton switches, time clock programs and manual computer controls.

Logica’s Wireless RF Gateway is the brain of our Smart System. It is the distributor of all information coming in from any source and going out to any fixture or group of fixtures.

With our Gateway on the network, inputs can come from anywhere in the world if they have the proper creds.

Our dedicated wireless controls can automate the lighting while still providing local controls for the staff working in the space. The safety and comfort of the user of the space is of utmost importance.

Our basic system is step switch dimming that allows the most efficient use of linear LED and fluorescent lamps. Linear fluorescent lamps are the most prevalent lighting product used in office buildings. LED’s will replace fluorescents in the years to come.

Our control products are made here in the USA. They are UL listed. They are CEE listed.

You can start with a single ballast and do as much as you want. Our System is scalable and allows for expansion and improvements as you go along. We can do a room, a floor, a complete building or a campus of multiple buildings.

Look to Logica for SIMPLE, efficient and, affordable lighting control products.